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At Heatwise Heating, we're your reliable experts for new boiler installations in Shadwell, bringing together top-notch skills, tailored services, and a real passion for exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to installing a new boiler in your home that not only ramps up your comfort but also helps you save on your energy bills.

Our team of skilled Gas Safe engineers has fitted hundreds of new boilers across Leeds, with happy customers all thrilled with our craftsmanship and the care we put into every job. We've got the know-how, experience, and the right touch to get your new boiler installed seamlessly.

Here at Heatwise Heating, we've got a dedicated team just for new boilers. They're all about crafting a heating system that's just right for your home. We know boilers are a significant investment, so we've got some handy finance options on new Worcester Bosch boilers, with interest rates starting as low as 0%. That means you can keep your savings for a rainy day or that family getaway. We offer free no-obligation quotes, call our customer care team to arrange yours today.

For more information, fill in our online contact form or speak to a member of our team today. You can call us on: 01132688570 or email a member of our team:

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Quality Beyond Compare

Our installations are second to none. We take pride in fitting only A-rated boilers, ensuring your home stays cozy while saving on energy bills.

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12-Year Peace of Mind

We stand by our work, which is why every installation comes with a rock-solid 12-year guarantee. Your investment is protected, and your comfort is assured.

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Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs, no surprises. With us, you'll always know the fixed price upfront. Trust us for transparent pricing and exceptional service.

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Your Schedule, Your Way

We understand your time is precious. That's why we work around your schedule to arrange a convenient installation date that suits you.

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Benefits Of Installing A New Boiler

Getting a new boiler fitted comes with a whole host of benefits, from slashing your heating bills and cutting down your carbon footprint to improving your home’s comfort levels. Here’s a rundown of some of the key benefits:

Eco-Friendly Efficiency: The latest boilers are lean, mean heating machines. They get your home feeling toasty using less fuel, which means you're not just saving on bills, you're also being kinder to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

Smart Heating: Gone are the days of "set it and forget it" heating. Modern boilers come with smart controls and programmable thermostats that let you better control how you heat your home. This means you can heat your home efficiently and only when you need it.

Dependable And Safe: New boilers come packed with the latest safety features, reducing the risk of co2 leaks. They’re also less likely to suffer unexpected breakdowns, especially when it’s chilly outside, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Bespoke Installations: We will help you find a boiler that fits your home and lifestyle perfectly, ensuring you're not wasting energy or money.

Savings in the Long Run: You have to pay the cost to install your new boiler, but think about the savings on future energy bills and the peace of mind knowing you won’t be paying out for repairs anytime soon.

Green And Clean: New boilers are eco-friendly, using less energy, meaning you're lowering your home's carbon emissions. It’s a great step towards a greener lifestyle and doing your bit in the fight against climate change.

Want to learn more about how a new boiler can transform your home? Our customer care team’s on hand to answer all your questions and arrange a free, no-obligation quote at a time that suits your schedule. Call us on 01132688570.

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Why Choose Us For New Boiler Installations

Heatwise Heating stands out as a top choice for new boiler installations in Shadwell, thanks to our solid reputation built on genuine connections with our customers, built on honesty, transparency, and fair pricing. Our Gas Safe engineers have been delivering a wide range of plumbing and heating solutions all across Leeds for many years, and here's what makes us different:

Expertise You Can Trust: Our engineers aren't just experienced; they're skilled in all the latest boiler technologies, ensuring top-notch workmanship every time.

Bespoke Installations: We understand that every home's different, which is why we tailor our boiler installations to match your specific needs, ensuring your home's heating is just right.

Efficiency First: We're all about boilers that pack a punch without using too much energy, helping you keep those bills down and doing your bit for the planet too.

Clear-Cut Pricing: With us, what you see is what you get. We lay out all the costs upfront, so you're not caught off guard by any hidden charges or expenses.

Service You Can Rely On: Our name is well known for reliability. We're all about being on time, getting the job done right, and making the whole process as smooth as possible for you.

Safety Guaranteed: As a Gas Safe registered company, your safety is our top priority. You can check out our credentials here. We're proud of them.

Rave Reviews: Don't just take our word for it, our customers love us, and they're not shy about saying so. Check out their reviews to see for yourself on Check A Trade and Rated People.

Choosing us for your new boiler installation means you get unrivalled workmanship and customer care. We aim to surpass all your expectations by leaving you with a heating system that not only perfectly heats your home but saves you money on your heating bills. Contact our customer care team to arrange a free no-obligation quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (New Boiler FAQ’s)

Q1: "How do I tell it's time for a new boiler?" A: Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs: your boiler's breaking down more than it's keeping you warm, your energy bills are on the rise, you're struggling to find replacement parts, or your boiler's seen more than 15 winters.

Q2: "What boiler options do I have?" A: There’s a boiler out there for every home. Combi boilers are great for space-saving since they don't need a separate tank. System boilers work with a hot water cylinder, and conventional boilers need both a cylinder and a tank for water storage. Our engineers will help you find one that ticks all your boxes.

Q3: "How long will the installation take?" A: It depends on what you're going for. A straight swap can be done in about a day, but if we're talking about a full system change, it might take us 2-3 days to get everything just right.

Q4: "Can a new boiler really save me money?" A: You bet. The latest boilers are like the energy-saving lightbulbs of heating, they use less fuel to heat your home, which means lower bills for you and less strain on the planet.

Q5: "What about spreading the cost?" A: We’ve got you covered with boiler finance options, starting at 0% interest on new Worcester Bosch boilers. Our team's here to talk you through the options and help you with the paperwork.

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If you would like a quote to have a new boiler installed by one of our highly trained heating engineers in Shadwell or for information about our services, contact us today. Our professional team are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solution for your needs. Simply fill in our contact form, call us on 0113 268 8570 or email a member of our team:

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